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Winthrop University

Marketing 489: Building A Company List

Tools for Finding Zipcodes

Use this to search by address which will produce a list of zip codes within a specified radius. Zip codes can then be exported.

Zipcodes and NAICS Codes

Steps to finding buisnesses by naics code in Reference USA.

  1. Enter the database and click the U.S. Businesses section
  2. Click the Advanced Search tab 
  3. From the left hand side bar choose your filters:
    Business Type --> Keyword/SIC/NAICS
    ​Geography--> Radius
  4. Under Keyword/SIC/NAICS
    Select "Search All NAICS" this will ensure that all companies who have this code assigned to them will show in your results. 
  5. ​Paste/enter your NAICS Codes. NOTE: some companies will have multiple NAICS codes assigned to them from your list. Keep this in mind when you are reporting. 
  6. Under Radius enter the address of the company and the number of miles you need your radius to be. 
  7. Click the green View Results button at the top right of the screen
  8. From here you can download your results in to Excel. Once you click the download button:
    Step 1: Choose Excel (once you download the spreadsheet, if you get an error message come back here and select Excel 2007/2010)
    Step 2: Select Custom this will allow you to choose which fields you would like to export
  9. Download Records
    Pro tip: Format your data as a table in excel. This will make it easier to manipulate as a whole. 


Finding Company Information

1. Check the company website

2. Check the Secretary of State Business Filings
      South Carolina:

      North Carolina: