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Winthrop University

Interlibrary Loan

1. What are the ILL hours of operations?

All interlibrary loan processing is handled during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Materials borrowed through ILL may be picked up any time the Information Commons desk is staffed. Any special problems or questions should be addressed during the regular business hours.

Also, the ILL office will be closed from December 15 through January 2 of each year. During this time, Dacus Library will neither send nor receive requests. This is necessary since most other academic interlibrary loan services are closed during this time and will not respond to requests.

2. Who is eligible to use ILL?

Faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students who are enrolled in the current semester are eligible for ILL. Other patrons with special borrowers' cards (e.g., Advanced Placement Teachers, Charlotte Area Education Consortium Faculty, Friends of the Library, etc.) are not eligible to use the interlibrary loan service. Retired faculty are also eligible. Members of the community who are not enrolled in Winthrop classes are not eligible. Also, spouses, children or other family members of qualified borrowers are not eligible. If you would like to borrow mateirals from Winthrop or other libraries we recommend checking with your public library to see if you can place an Interlibrary Loan request.

3. How long does it take to receive an item through ILL?

On average, it takes five (5) working days to receive and process an interlibrary loan article.  For all other materials (books, videos, microfilm), the average wait is ten working days per order.  Please keep in mind that this is only an average and your individual order could arrive much sooner or later.

4. What materials may be difficult to obtain?

Conditions for ILL services are set by national and regional codes as well as policy set by the lending library. The lending library has the privilege of deciding in each case whether a particular item should or should not be provided. Most libraries will not lend the following types of material:

  1. Rare or valuable material
  2. Fragile items
  3. Basic reference material
  4. Monographs published within the last two years
  5. Genealogical, archival, and similar materials

Dacus Library will attempt to obtain the above materials from other libraries, but chances of obtaining them are minimal.

The lending library, not our interlibrary loan staff, determines the conditions for each loan.  The lending library may restrict the use of an item to use within the library only, or prohibit copying or renewal. Dacus cannot change those conditions, and we ask patrons to honor them. 

5. Is there a limit on how many requests I can place at one time?

There is no limit to the number of requests accepted from one patron. However, in fairness to other patrons, when submitting a large number of requests, the patron should rank the requests and they will be sent on an as-time-permits basis.

6. What are the charges involved?

Typically, there are no ordering charges for any ILL requests. If there will be a charge, the patron will be notified before the item is received.

However, if the cost of borrowing the material is over $25, you must pay the difference (anything beyond $25). Interlibrary loan funds will not be used to purchase dissertations.  Please note that late fees, replacement costs of lost material, and cost of damages must be borne by the user.

7. What are copyright restrictions and how do they affect my ILL items?

All copyright laws, both national and international, must be followed when requesting items through ILL.  Therefore, it is vitally important to keep the following in mind:

Periodicals published within the last five years are subject to Copyright Compliance Guidelines. These guidelines allow an institution to order each calendar year five articles from a specific title published within the past five-year period. After the maximum is reached, a copyright compliance fee must be paid. Therefore, if you are ordering more than five articles published with the same publication within the past five years, you may want to contact the ILL Department to see if copyright has been exceeded for the calendar year.  If it has, you will be responsible for the cost of copyright compliance fees. The ILL Department will contact you if you are about to exceed copyright compliance to see if you are willing to pay the fees. If you are not then your requests exceeding copyright compliance will be cancelled.

Interlibrary Loan returnable's (including books, videos, DVD's, cassette tapes, etc.) CANNOT be placed on reserve in Dacus Library for any reason, as this is a direct violation of ILL and Reserve copyright agreements.

8. How are overdue charges, damages and lost books handled?

Books lent to us from other libraries are given due dates set by the lending library. To make certain these books are returned in a timely manner, an overdue fine has been instituted. Once a book is two weeks overdue, the patron will be sent notification of the overdue, including information on fines for overdue and charges for lost books. Any book that is one month overdue will be billed a $10.00 (ten dollars) non-refundable fine. Patrons will be sent notification of this charge.

A book that is 60 days overdue will be billed as a lost book. The charge for a lost book is $100.00, which includes the $10.00 overdue fine, a $15.00 processing fee and a flat $75.00 replacement charge. These charges will be entered on the patron's university account. Patrons will be sent notification of these charges upon receipt of invoices from the lending library.

Subsequent interlibrary loan requests will be rejected until any and all overdue item(s) are returned. 

9. Can I request a renewal of borrowed materials?

The decision to renew is made by the lending library and the patron is obligated to abide by the decision. If a renewal request is refused, the book must be returned by its original due date. Only one renewal request per item is allowed.

To initiate a renewal request, you must login to your ILL Patron Access account, select the item you wish to renew from your list of current ILL items, and submit the renewal request. Patrons will be notified as soon as the lending institution responds to the request.

10. What if I am a graduate/research assistants who needs to order items for a faculty member?

You should NOT use your personal ILL account for this purpose, as you could be accidentally charged for some of these requests. Our system has a separate login page for you, and we will create a proxy account for these purposes. The faculty member you are ordering for needs to fill out and submit the Dacus Library Proxy Card Application. A username and password will be provided to you and the faculty member within 48 hours of receipt of the request form.