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Piano Pedagogy : Internet Resources

Suggested sources available for research in piano pedagogy.

Theory Sites

Theory Sites

Practice Spot:  Ideas and Resources for Great Music Lessons

Ricci Adams'

Piano Pedagogy Plus!

Introduction to Music Theory and Aural Skills

Theory Sites

Ricci Adams'

Piano Pedagogy Plus!


Sheet Music Sites


Score Exchange

Sheet Music Online

The Sheet Music Archive

Easy Sheet Music

The Mutopia Project

The Piano Music of Ernst Bacon

Miscellaneous Sites

Piano Education and Business Sites


The Piano Education Page

A Musician's ABC, and Know Thy Piano by James Boyk and

Music Graphics Galore

Piano Repertoire


Database for:  20th Century Intermediate Piano Literature by Kathy Winston Rabago

Women in Music:  Compositions for Intermediate Level by Dr. Lora Deahl, Dr. Kay Etheridge, Beverly McGahey, and Lea Schmidt-Rogers

Music History--Style, Composers, the Piano

Music History 102:  A guide to Western Composers and Their Music from the Middle Ages to the Present

Worldwide Internet Music Resources:  Composers


The Classical Composers Database

The Classical Music Navigator

Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers

History of the Piano

The Piano Page

Prevention and Treatment of Injuries Related to Piano Playing


Musicians and Injuries

Music and Health:  Piano Teaching, Anatomy/Biomechanics and Musicians' Health