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New Titles in Dacus

This guide lets you know about new resources now available at Dacus Library, including the Music Library and Pettus Archives.


Talking to Strangers
War or Peace
Let Us Make Men
Glam Rock
Only Plane in the Sky
Pleased to Meet Me
How to Be an Antiracist

Complete list - the letters represent the call number range

Our EResource vendors regularly update our EBook and EJournal collections. 

Here is a sample of some of the new additions.


Electric Power Systems Research /



Blood cancer journal.

Bone research.

Cancer gene therapy.

Cell death discovery.

Communications biology.

Communications chemistry.

Communications Physics

Digestive and liver disease.

Digital investigation.

Digital signal processing.

Dynamics of atmospheres and oceans.

Eating behaviors.

Ecological indicators.

Economic systems.

Educational research review.

Electrochemistry communications.

Electrochimica acta.

Emerging markets review.

Emerging microbes & infections.

European journal of medicinal chemistry.

Experimental and molecular medicine.

Eye : the international review of graphic design.

Food quality and preference.

Forensic science international supplement series.

Forensic science international.

Future generation computer systems.

Geriatric nursing.

Horticulture research.

Human genome variation.

International journal of accounting information systems.

International journal of approximate reasoning.

Japan and the world economy.

Journal of bodywork and movement therapies.

Journal of chemical health & safety.

Journal of contextual behavioral science.

Journal of energy chemistry.

Journal of engineering and technology management :JET-M.

Journal of financial stability.

Journal of fluorine chemistry.

Journal of geometry and physics.

Journal of geriatric oncology.

Journal of hand therapy :official journal of the American Society of Hand Therapists.

Journal of human hypertension.

Journal of mass media ethics.

Journal of molecular structure.

Journal of multinational financial management.

Journal of plant molecular breeding.

Progress in artificial intelligence.

Quantum machine Intelligence

Remote sensing in earth systems sciences.

Socio-ecological practice research.

The Journal of supercritical fluids.

The round table.

The South Atlantic quarterly :SAQ.

Wildlife Society bulletin.

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