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New Titles in Dacus

This guide lets you know about new resources now available at Dacus Library, including the Music Library and Pettus Archives.


Making Health Financing Work for Poor People in Tanzania
When Christians Were Jews
The Remarkable Rise of Transgender Rights
Bayonets in Paradise
Figuring Color
Blackbeard's Sunken Prize
China: A history in objects
Between the lines: Ernie Barnes

Complete list - the letters represent the call number range

D - World History

God's armies :crusade and jihad: origins, history, aftermath /

Thinking about history /

The world in the long twentieth century :an interpretive history /

Pandora's box :a history of the First World War /

Ottoman women during World War I :everyday experiences, politics, and conflict /

A deadly legacy :German Jews and the Great war /

Gender and the Great War /

The Waffen-SS :a European history /

Persian Gulf Command :a history of the Second World War in Iran and Iraq /

World War II at sea :a global history /

Women in the Holocaust :a feminist history /

The unwomanly face of war :an oral history of women in World War II /

Memory, identity, and commemorations of World War II :anniversary politics in Asia Pacific /

Stonehenge :the story of a sacred landscape /

Boudica :warrior woman of Roman Britain /

A short history of the hundred years war /

Becoming Hitler :the making of a Nazi /

Stormtroopers :a new history of Hitler's Brownshirts /

Creators, conquerors, and citizens :a history of ancient Greece /

The Hellenistic age /

Brutus :the noble conspirator /

Modern Finland /

Empress of the east :how a European slave girl became queen of the Ottoman Empire /

Medieval Jerusalem :forging an Islamic city in spaces sacred to Christians and Jews /

A Jewish communist in Weimar Germany :the life of Werner Scholem (1895-1940) /

Uprooted :how 3,000 years of Jewish civilisation in the Arab world vanished overnight /

Iran :a modern history /

Sea of the caliphs :the Mediterranean in the medieval Islamic world /

China's India war :collision course on the roof of the world /

Vietnam's American war :a history /

The Vietnam War reexamined /

The Vietnam War :an intimate history /

The myths of Tet :the most misunderstood event of the Vietnam War /

Withdrawal :reassessing America's final years in Vietnam /

The last Ottoman generation and the making of the modern Middle East /

China :a history in objects /

China :visions through the ages /

Diaspora's homeland :modern China in the age of global migration /

Red at heart :how Chinese communists fell in love with the Russian Revolution /

The art of being governed :everyday politics in late imperial China /

Civilizing the Chinese, competing with the West :study societies in late Qing China /

Speaking of profit :Bao Shichen and reform in nineteenth-century China /

Imperial twilight :the opium war and the end of China's last golden age /

World War Two legacies in East Asia :China remembers the war /

A history of popular culture in Japan :from the seventeenth century to the present /

To stand with the nations of the world :Japan's Meiji Restoration in world history /

The mistaken history of the Korean War :what we got wrong then and now /

Jah kingdom :Rastafarians, Tanzania, and pan-Africanism in the age of decolonization /

African dominion :a new history of empire in early and medieval West Africa /

Egypt :lost civilizations /

Giza and the pyramids :the definitive history /

E-F - History of the Americas

Consuming Japan :popular culture and the globalizing of 1980s America /

First ladies of the Republic :Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and the creation of an iconic American role

These truths :a history of the United States /

American empire :a global history /

To master the boundless sea :the U.S. Navy, the marine environment, and the cartography of empire /

Ambivalent embrace :Jewish upward mobility in postwar America /

Mothers of massive resistance :white women and the politics of white supremacy /

Korean American families in immigrant America :how teens and parents navigate race /

They should stay there :the story of Mexican migration and repatriation during the Great Depression /

Dream a world anew :the African American experience and the shaping of America /

Watermelons, nooses, and straight razors :stories from the Jim Crow Museum /

The legend of the Black Mecca :politics and class in the making of modern Atlanta /

The making of Black lives matter :a brief history of an idea /

African American girls and the construction of identity :class, race, and gender /

The grind :Black women and survival in the inner city /

The cooking gene :a journey through African American culinary history in the Old South /

Modjeska Monteith Simkins :a South Carolina revolutionary /

A political companion to W. E. B. Du Bois /

Unlikely general :"Mad" Anthony Wayne and the battle for America /

The expanding blaze :how the American Revolution ignited the world, 1775-1848 /

Women in the American Revolution /

Turncoat :Benedict Arnold and the crisis of American liberty /

First founding father :Richard Henry Lee and the call to independence /

The Indian world of George Washington :the first President, the first Americans, and the birth of the nation /

The Burr conspiracy :uncovering the story of an early American crisis /

The dead march :a history of the Mexican-American War /

Patriots, prostitutes, and spies :women and the Mexican-American War /

A nation without borders :the United States and its world in an age of civil wars, 1830-1910 /

The Election of 1860 :"a campaign fraught with consequences" /

The great stain :witnessing American slavery /

Making a slave state :political development in early South Carolina /

Frederick Douglass :prophet of freedom /

Troubled refuge :struggling for freedom in the Civil War /

Lincoln & Churchill :statesmen at war /

Congress and the people's contest :the conduct of the Civil War /

A union indivisible :secession and the politics of slavery in the Border South /

The blue and gray almanac :the Civil War in facts and figures, recipes and slang /

Civil War memories :contesting the past in the United States since 1865 /

Inglorious passages :noncombat deaths in the American Civil War /

A savage war :a military history of the Civil War /

Rising in flames :Sherman's March and the fight for a new nation /

Southern Reconstruction /

Douglas MacArthur :American warrior /

A blueprint for war :FDR and the hundred days that mobilized America /

Franklin D. Roosevelt :a political life /

His final battle :the last months of Franklin Roosevelt.

The age of Eisenhower :America and the world in the 1950s /

Eisenhower :becoming the leader of the free world /

Ike and McCarthy :Dwight Eisenhower's secret campaign against Joseph McCarthy /

The stormy present :conservatism and the problem of slavery in Northern politics, 1846-1865 /

The Mexican heartland :how communities shaped capitalism, a nation, and world history, 1500-2000 /

Mexico's Cold War :Cuba, the United States, and the legacy of the Mexican Revolution /

When Montezuma met Cortés :the true story of the meeting that changed history /

The brazen age :New York City and the American empire : politics, art, and bohemia /

Greater Gotham :a history of New York City from 1898 to 1919 /

Before mestizaje :the frontiers of race and caste in colonial Mexico /

Neither peace nor freedom :the cultural Cold War in Latin America /

Afro-Latin American studies :an introduction /

The power of race in Cuba :racial ideology and Black consciousness during the Revolution /

Almost home :maroons between slavery and freedom in Jamaica, Nova Scotia, and Sierra Leone /

The National Mall :no ordinary public space /

The new South /

Becoming Brazilians :race and national identity in twentieth-century Brazil /

The people of the river :nature and identity in Black Amazonia, 1835-1945 /

Rural commerce in context :South Carolina's country stores, 1850-1950 /

Argentina's missing bones :revisiting the history of the dirty war /

The Gulf :the making of an American sea /

The FBI in Latin America :the Ecuador files /

G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

After the map :cartography, navigation, and the transformation of territory in the twentieth century /

Victorian sustainability in literature and culture /

The anthropocene debate and political science /

The politics of custom :chiefship, capital, and the state in contemporary Africa /

Devouring Japan :global perspectives on Japanese culinary identity /

National pastime :U.S. history through baseball /

H - Social Sciences

Inquiry design model :building inquiries in social studies /

Industry surveys /

Jenkins of Mexico :how a Southern farm boy became a Mexican magnate /

Entrepreneurship and the sustainable development goals /

Agrarian crossings :reformers and the remaking of the US and Mexican countryside /

Ramp Hollow :the ordeal of Appalachia /

This is day one :a practical guide to leadership that matters /

Humanize :how people-centric organizations succeed in a social world /

Ambassadors of the working class :Argentina's international labor activists and Cold War democracy in the Americas /

Alternative food networks :an interdisciplinary assessment /

Food, environment, and climate change :justice at the intersections /

Remote sensing for food security /

Cotton capitalists :American Jewish entrepreneurship in the Reconstruction era /

Total transition :the human side of the renewable energy revolution /

Oil and world politics :the real story of today's conflict zones : Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ukraine and more /

Primed to perform :how to build the highest performing cultures through the science of total motivation /

Popular annual financial report.

War beyond words :languages of remembrance from the Great War to the present /

The rural modern :reconstructing the self and state in Republican China /

Men, masculinities, and aging :the gendered lives of older men /

The mourning after :loss and longing among midcentury American men /

Queer people of color :connected but not comfortable /

International surrogacy as disruptive industry in Southeast Asia /

The gay marriage generation :how the LGBTQ movement transformed American culture /

The children of Harvey Milk :how LGBTQ politicians changed the world /

Romancing the sperm :shifting biopolitics and the making of modern families /

Birth control and American modernity :a history of popular ideas /

The remarkable rise of transgender rights /

Millennials and the moments that made us :a cultural history of the U.S. from 1982-present /

Ku Klux kulture :America and the Klan in the 1920s /

Urban Latin America :inequalities and neoliberal reforms /

Walkable city rules :101 steps to making better places /

The gospel of kindness :animal welfare and the making of modern America /

At home in the world :women and charity in late Qing and early republican China /

Doing ethnography in criminology :discovery through fieldwork /

Al Capone :his life, legacy, and legend /

In my father's house :a new view of how crime runs in the family /

A life of crime :my career in forensic science /

Blood in the water :the Attica prison uprising of 1971 and its legacy /

"Arise ye wretched of the earth" :the First International in a global perspective /

The power and politics of art in postrevolutionary Mexico /

The style and mythology of socialism :socialist idealism, 1871-1914 /

South Carolina

Annual report of the South Carolina Research Authority.

The condition of South Carolina's estuarine and coastal habitats during 2001-2002 :technical report /

Official South Carolina BBQ trail map.

Report from the Teacher Recruitment & Retention Task Force.

Hurricane guide :a hurricane resource /

South Carolina mega site feasibility analysis /

4-year public higher education :trends in undergraduate enrollment, tuition, expenditures and revenues in South Carolina, 1999-2009.

South Carolina state rail plan 2008 update /

Economic outlook.

Darlington County base labor market analysis.

Duel employment report for fiscal year ...

South Carolina economic outlook.

SC healthy connections (Medicaid) provider manuals.

Annual report - South Carolina State Library.

Connect the dots.

South Carolina film location guide.

South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism marketing and advertising.

Official guide to South Carolina state parks.

South Carolina. Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (Italian edition)

Become an ultimate outsider :unearth adventure in the Palmetto State /

Tax legislative update for ...

Deed recording fee.

South Carolina. Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (English edition)

South Carolina. Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (French edition)

Annual report / SmartState Program


Technology in miniature :American textile patent models, 1819-1840 /

The bravest deeds of men :a field guide for the Battle of Belleau Wood /

For the love of freedom :miners, trappers, hunting guides, and homesteaders : an ethnographic overview and assessment : Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve /

Earth /

Politics of Latin America :the power game /

Contemporary women's health :issues for today and the future /

Places in motion :the fluid identities of temples, images, and pilgrims /

Priests and programmers :technologies of power in the engineered landscape of Bali /

Decolonizing methodologies :research and indigenous peoples /

The mushroom at the end of the world :on the possibility of life in capitalist ruins /


Exploring psychology /

Psychology in modules /

Hiroshima :why America dropped the atomic bomb /

The American yawp :a massively collaborative open U.S. history textbook /

Mississippi's exiled daughter :how my civil rights baptism under fire shaped my life /

World dance cultures :from ritual to spectacle /

ACSM's exercise for older adults /

Psychological dynamics of sport and exercise /

Reframing organizations :artistry, choice, and leadership /

Business essentials /


Introduction to sociology /

Public & private families :an introduction /

Shifting the center :understanding contemporary families /

Social policy for children and families :a risk and resilience perspective /

The empowerment approach to social work practice :building the beloved community /

Congress and its members /

The United Nations :a very short introduction /

Classroom assessment :principles and practice that enhance student learning and motivation /

JavaScript & jQuery :interactive front-end web development /

HTML & CSS :design and build websites /

Biochemistry /

Van De Graaff's photographic atlas for the zoology laboratory /

Brock biology of microorganisms /

Medical terminology :a living language /

ACSM's resources for the exercise physiologist :a practical guide for the health fitness professional /

Technical communication today /

Document-based cases for technical communication /

Mathematics activities for elementary school teachers /

The Arthurian handbook /

The romance of Arthur :an anthology of medieval texts in translation /

The Library collects children's books to support the Education curriculum. 

The Juvenile Collection also includes Young Adult fiction such as Harry Potter, and John Green.

Buried lives :the enslaved people of George Washington's Mount Vernon /

Between the lines :how Ernie Barnes went from the football field to the art gallery /

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