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New Titles in Dacus

This guide lets you know about new resources now available at Dacus Library, including the Music Library and Pettus Archives.


The Zapatista Movement and Mexico's Democratic Transition
Genesis Begins Again
The Medal of Honor
The Ghosts of Eden Park
Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts
We Were the All-American Girls
Dying of Whiteness
Spectrum 26

Complete list - the letters represent the call number range

D - World History

Eric Hobsbawm :a life in history /

The Crusader armies :1099-1187 /

Army of empire :the untold story of the Indian Army in World War I /

Sons of freedom :the forgotten American soldiers who defeated Germany in World War I /

The Great War in America :World War I and its aftermath /

Peace at last :a portrait of Armistice Day, 11 November 1918 /

Sand & steel :the D-Day invasion and the liberation of France /

Landing on the edge of eternity :twenty-four hours at Omaha Beach /

Soviet Russians under Nazi occupation :fragile loyalties in World War II /

The unwanted :America, Auschwitz, and a village caught in between /

The story of Britain :a history of the great ages : from the Romans to the present /

France and the American Civil War :a diplomatic history /

Marie of France :Countess of Champagne, 1145-1198 /

The Holy Roman Empire :a short history /

The first soldier :Hitler as military leader /

The Stalinist era /

A concise history of Poland /

Estonia :a modern history /

Making and remaking the Balkans :nations and states since 1878 /

Masada :from Jewish revolt to modern myth /

Palestine :a four thousand year history /

Voices from the Warsaw Ghetto :writing our history /

You've got to tell them :a French girl's experience of Auschwitz and after /

How it happened :documenting the tragedy of Hungarian Jewry /

Arabs :a 3,000-year history of peoples, tribes and empires /

Women and the making of the Mongol Empire /

Vietnam :a new history /

Footprints of war :militarized landscapes in Vietnam /

Remaking the Chinese empire :Manchu-Korean relations, 1616-1911 /

The origins of the Chinese nation :Song China and the forging of an East Asian world order /

The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere :when total empire met total war /

The golden rhinoceros :histories of the African Middle Ages /

A fistful of shells :West Africa from the rise of the slave trade to the age of revolution /

E-F - History of the Americas

Written in stone :public monuments in changing societies /

Historian in chief :how presidents interpret the past to shape the future /

The end of the myth :from the frontier to the border wall in the mind of America /

The road to Charleston :Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution /

Thomas Jefferson, a modern Prometheus /

The rise of Andrew Jackson :myth, manipulation, and the making of modern politics /

Illusions of emancipation :the pursuit of freedom and equality in the twilight of slavery /

Slavery in the North :forgetting history and recovering memory /

They were her property :white women as slave owners in the American South /

The captive's quest for freedom :fugitive slaves, the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law, and the politics of slavery /

The political thought of the Civil War /

The last battleground :the Civil War comes to North Carolina /

Women's war :fighting and surviving the American Civil War /

Maxwell Taylor's Cold War :from Berlin to Vietnam /

Ike's mystery man :the secret lives of Robert Cutler /

Winter war :Hoover, Roosevelt, and the first clash over the New Deal /

This war ain't over :fighting the Civil War in New Deal America /

Surviving genocide :native nations and the United States from the American Revolution to bleeding Kansas /

The Lumbee Indians :an American struggle /

The Zapatista movement and Mexico's democratic transition :mobilization, success, and survival /

The prism of race :the politics and ideology of affirmative action in Brazil /

The revolution from within :Cuba, 1959-1980 /

Rethinking the Haitian Revolution :slavery, independence, and the struggle for recognition /

The Brazil reader :history, culture, politics /

The browning of the new South /

Making Machu Picchu :the politics of tourism in twentieth-century Peru /

Slavery and utopia :the wars and dreams of an Amazonian world transformer /

Haya de la Torre and the pursuit of power in twentieth-century Peru and Latin America /

Hattiesburg :an American city in black and white /

As a city on a hill :the story of America's most famous lay sermon /

G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

The lost black scholar :resurrecting Allison Davis in American social thought /

Laban/Bartenieff movement studies :contemporary applications /

Undergraduate research in dance :a guide for students /

Dance studies: the basics /

Modern dance, Negro dance :race in motion /

Rethinking dance history :issues and methodologies /

Contemporary choreography :a critical reader /

Dance, access and inclusion :perspectives on dance, young people and change /

Applied anatomy of aerial arts :an illustrated guide to strength, flexibility, training, and injury prevention /

H - Social Sciences

Red flags :why Xi's China is in jeopardy /

Subnational hydropolitics :conflict, cooperation, and institution-building in shared river basins /

The dreamt land :chasing water and dust across California /

The fight for time :migrant day laborers and the politics of precarity /

Energy follies :missteps, fiascos, and successes of America's energy policy /

In defense of openness :why global freedom is the humane solution to global poverty /

The Muslim merchants of premodern China :the history of a maritime Asian trade diaspora, 750-1400 /

Black market capital :urban politics and the shadow economy in Mexico City /

Leviathan & its enemies :mass organization and managerial power in twentieth-century America /

A thousand thirsty beaches :smuggling alcohol from Cuba to the South during Prohibition /

Acid dreams :the complete social history of LSD : the CIA, the sixties, and beyond /

In defense of gun control /

Occupied territory :policing black Chicago from Red Summer to black power /

A specter haunting Europe :the myth of Judeo-Bolshevism /

The Library collects children's books to support the Education curriculum. 

The Juvenile Collection also includes Young Adult fiction such as Harry Potter, and John Green.


Genesis begins again /

A bird on Water Street /

Restart /

Dasher :how a brave little doe changed Christmas forever /


The child's world :primer /

The Great Heathen failure :why the Great Heathen Army failed to conquer the whole of Anglo-Saxon England /

Fractured :a self-portrait /

The ethics of sheep /

Place-soul :the sensory perception of modern travel writing /

The role of oxytocin on social behavior associated with the formation of a social pair-bond in the socially monogamous convict cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata) /

A test of the use of timber wolf (Canis lupus) urine to reduce coyote (Canis latrans) depredation rates on loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) nests /

The abundance, geographical distribution and habitat use of an introduced patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas) population in southwest Puerto Rico /

Hemodialysis care staff perceptions on barriers to optimal health :results from a qualitative study and national survey /

Importance of social support in athletics as it relates to injury recovery and preparedness to return to play /

Kenilworth /

The Stanford speller /

The poetical works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

The Carolina pirates and colonial commerce, 1670-1740,

The history and adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane :in two volumes.

The pronouncing edition of the Holy Bible :containing the authorized and revised versions of the Old and New Testaments. /

The offices of Christ.

In his own words :stories from the extraordinary life of Reston's founder, Robert E. Simon Jr. /

We were the all-American girls :interviews with players of the AAGPBL, 1943-1954 /

On the road to make-believe /

The Southern reader, or, Child's second reading book :containing simple reading lessons, progressively arranged.

An American dictionary of the English language :exhibiting the origin, orthography, pronunciation, and definition of words /

The garden of hope :a story about the hospice experience /

Collier's new photographic history of the world's war :including sketches, drawings and paintings made by artists at the front /

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