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Management: MGMT 365 Business Communications Project: Research Strategies

Emailing search results:

From Dacus Online Catalog:

  1. Click into the check box to the left of each title of interest.
  2. After checking all wanted titles on the page, click "add marked to bag" as shown above.
  3. Click on “View Bag” –> Click “Export Saved”
  4. Move cursor into e-mail box and fill in your full e-  mail address, e.g. must type
  5. Subject is automatically set to “From the library catalog”.  Type in new subject if needed.
  6. Click on “submit” –> e-mail is then sent
  7. Clear out your searches ("Clear Bag") after e-mailing to yourself.

aspects of business communication and related search terms

Business Communication includes team building, interpersonal communication, ethics, spoken and written communication, work attitudes, workplace dress, use of technology, and online tools to support business activities. Research strategy: group questions by type of information needed, then pick the best library resources for each.

  • Here are some search terms for various areas of business communication -- linked to the library catalog through the simple Quick Search. These search terms are also good choices for databases like Business Source Premier.


Critical Self- Assessment of Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal, and Teambuilding Skills as Communication Strategies – Search terms:

Strategies for developing team-building skills and participate in a team project – Search terms:

History and Relevant Theories of Business Communications  – Search terms:

Developing Basic Skills for Professional Writing  – Search terms:

Corresponding in a Professional Setting – Search terms:

Developing Professional Speaking Skills – Search terms:

Discussion of Organizational Culture and Communications in the Workplace – Search terms:

Relevant Information Technology and Communications – Search terms:

Resume Writing and Employment Seeking Strategies – Search terms:

Job Interviewing Skills  – Search terms:

Workforce Readiness and Employability – Search terms:


For more information about narrowing the search and other tips, please see the Search Strategies tab.