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Dance: Search Strategies

Where to Find What:

Not sure how to find hardcopy books and videos, ebooks, streaming online videos, scholarly articles, databases, and more? Here's your brief guide:

Searching the online catalog and databases

Finding books, ebooks, films, and more:

  • Searching the library catalog by Dance is the most general way to start. You'll get a mix of books, films, and other materials from the Library catalog.
  • This “dance” search is a good starting point, but it will yield too many results for most situations.  You can narrow your search by using the limiters in the left column (eg., format, date, etc.).  Or search again using more specific terms (see examples to the right).

Search Terms relating to Dance include types of dance, historical periods, countries, continents, and regions.Types of dance include e.g. jazz, free-style, ballet, ballroom, modern dance. Dance from certain times in history includes ancient dance, Romantic ballet. Examples of country-specific dances include Russian dance including folk dances and ballet; an example of dance by continent includes African dance.

Tip: Search terms like these are also useful for finding articles in the Library’s online databases.

See more in the More Search Tips tab.

Example Search Terms for Dance

General Dance search terms:

Geographical and cultural dance:

Dance by type:

Dance by time period:

See More Search Tips for info about more sophisticated search strategies.