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Dance: Geography of Dance

Smooth Operators: getting the most from search engines

Use of "AND" and "OR": Use of "AND" combines two important concepts. Using "OR" brings up items containing either of the search terms.

Note: If you put more than 1 word in the search box, the library catalog assumes the "AND" and will look for items that include all your terms.  In our catalog, operators must be capitalized.


1. To find fewer: narrow the search with “AND”   2. To find more: broaden the search with “OR
Example keyword searches:

“Modern AND dance*”

“Martha Graham OR modern danc**”.

Dance by world region

You'll often find different search results for dance by continent and dance by country, so try different searches to find a variety of materials.

Check out Nations Online's map below for ideas.  Each continent's page includes a list of countries.  Many of the country listings include information about arts and culture in that country - some include dance! 

Map of the Continents of the World, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America

Geography of Dance

World Dance in the Library's catalog:

You can search for continents, or for individual countries. For example:

Dance types - search terms: