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Ida Jane Dacus Library

The Tenure Recognition Program, sponsored by the Friends of Dacus Library and held each spring as part of the Friends' Spring Program, recognizes the achievement of tenure by Winthrop University faculty. Faculty may choose a book for the Dacus Library collection, and share a few words about their selection and its meaning to them. Honorees are also given a complimentary one-year membership to the Friends. 


Dr. Maria Aysa-Lastra
Associate Professor of Sociology

The Origin of the Family, Frederick Engels

"In my middle school years, I found myself captivated by The Origin of the Family (Engels 1877). To me, a young girl raised in a conservative family, his materialist analysis on the status of women was eye-opening. It changed my self-perception, opened possibilities, and channeled what I wanted to do later on. Today I continue to explore the lives of women, migrants and minorities."

Dr. Amanda L. Hiner
Associate Professor of English

Mere Christianity. C.S. Lewis

“As a literary scholar, an academic, and a person of faith, I found Lewis’s Mere Christianity to be deeply transformative and encouraging when I first entered into my discipline, and it has continued to encourage and challenge me ever since. Lewis modelled for me how to synthesize faith and reason as a scholar and thinker and how to live out faith in practical, loving ways each day.”

Dr. Sarah A. Reiland
‚ÄčAssociate Professor of Psychology

Mountains Beyond Mountains, Tracy Kidder

"This book challenged me to think about the interaction of global health with politics, income, and education. I read it in college and was inspired by the work that Paul Farmer did to bring life-saving medical treatments to people all across the world. One person can make a difference, and this book is full of hope."

Dr. Eric Birgbauer
Associate Professor of.Biology

Dr. Tara Collins
Associate Professor of Social Psychology

Ms. Stacey Davidson
Associate Professor of Fine Arts

Dr. Jeffrey  McEvoy
‚ÄčAssistant Professor of Music

Ms. Meg Schriffen
Associate Professor of Dance

Dr. William Schulte
Associate Professor of Mass Communication