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Ida Jane Dacus Library


Library Noise Policy and Patron Code of Conduct

Appropriate behavior for all library users. 

Dacus Library Noise Policy

Dacus Library is committed to maintaining an atmosphere conducive to research and study, while also supporting a range of scholarly activities and study styles.

Quiet Areas: The study carrels in the basement and on the second floor are reserved for individual study and research; talking and group activities are not permitted in these areas.

Group Study Areas: The main floor group meeting rooms are for use by study groups and class group projects. They are not to be used for social gatherings. Students are expected to keep conversations at a reasonably low level.

Instruction and Service Areas:  The entire main floor and the Government Documents office and service desk on the second floor are patron service points. Though unreasonable noise levels in these areas should be reported to staff at the main desk, these are not quiet areas. Patrons who need a quiet study area will be directed to the second or ground floor quiet areas.

Overnight Hours: the main floor can become crowded and noisy during overnight hours. All students are expected to be considerate of each other’s study and project requirements, and work cooperatively to the extent possible. Excessive noise or refusal to work toward an acceptable compromise should be reported to the security guard.

Noise problems or other inappropriate behavior should be reported to Information Commons staff during the day and evening and to the security guard after midnight. Patrons who refuse to comply with library rules will be asked to leave, and will be escorted from the building by Campus Police if necessary.

Patron Code of Conduct

The primary mission of the Winthrop University Library is to support the instructional and research activities of the Winthrop University academic community. The library also provides access to members of the public who require the library’s resources for scholarly research. As a security measure, a Winthrop University identification card, research pass, or scheduled appointment is required to enter Dacus Library, except during posted community access hours.  The Library strives to provide an environment that is both safe and conducive to research and other academic activities. Please be aware of the following guidelines when visiting the library:

  • All patrons are expected to act responsibly, courteously, and to be respectful of the library staff and other patrons. All Winthrop University students must abide by the Student Conduct Code of Winthrop University
  • Dacus Library’s computers are primarily for the use of the students, faculty, and staff of the university. Students and faculty will be given priority access to all equipment.
  • All library patrons are expected to abide by the Winthrop University Policy on the Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources.
  • Minor children must be in the company of a parent or adult guardian at all times.
  • Attire appropriate to a public building is required, including shoes.
  • All patrons must provide valid identification upon request.
  • Only animals trained to provide services to persons with disabilities are allowed in the library. Patrons who have questions about accessibility services should contact the Office of Accssibility.
  • The following activities and behaviors are not permitted in the library and will result in exclusion from the library and/or disciplinary action:
  • Conduct that disturbs other library patrons or disrupts academic activities, including:
    • Excessive noise
    • Verbal abuse, threats, harassment, or use of electronic devices in a manner inconsistent with a research/study environment
    • Disrupting another patron’s work with unwelcome conversation, advances, or other repeated interruptions
  • Stealing or defacing library materials or any other form of vandalism
  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes) or using other tobacco products in or near the library
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages or illegal controlled substances in or near the library
  • Harassment, either verbal or physical, of library patrons or library staff
  • Failing to provide appropriate identification when requested by a library staff member
  • Soliciting
  • Refusing to exit the library at closing time
  • Entering the library in a state of intoxication or other impairment
  • Viewing inappropriate or illegal websites
  • Skateboarding, roller-skating, bicycling, etc. in the library
  • Possessing weapons
  • Criminal acts including, but not limited to, sexual misconduct
  • Misuse of library equipment
  • Posting of flyers without permission of library staff

Refusal to abide by these policies will result in loss of library privileges. All reports of criminal activity will be referred to Campus Police.