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Dacus Library Policies

Food and Drink Policy

It is the policy of Dacus Library to maintain an environment appropriate for the protection of library materials and conducive to study. Library computers are subject to the same rules and policies applied to all ACC lab computers. 

In order to conserve library resources and provide a comfortable study environment for all:

  • A student lounge with vending machines and a microwave oven is located on the main floor.
  • Odorous, greasy, and messy foods are NOT permitted in library study areas and carrels and must be consumed in the student lounge.
  • Snack foods, and covered beverages are permitted in library study areas and carrels – EXCEPT those with computers - and should be kept to a minimum.
  • Absolutely NO food or drinks allowed near library-owned laptops, computers, scanners, microfilm equipment, and library bookshelves.
  • Patrons who consume food and drink in the library must clean up all spills and residue and place empty containers in trashcans.
  • Patrons may not order food and drink to be delivered to the library.
  • Alcohol is prohibited as stated in the University Alcohol Policy.

Determination of food appropriate for consumption in the library is at the discretion of the library staff. Patrons who refuse to comply with the Food and Drink Policy will be asked to leave the library.

Library administration reserves the right to suspend the Food and Drink Policy for special events.

Library Classroom

The Library Classroom is intended as a resource to enhance the information literacy of students and faculty from all disciplines. The classroom has 24 computer workstations, an instructor’s workstation, and enough additional chairs to accommodate a maximum class size of 30.

Policy on Use:

NOTE:  Assignments are made on a first-come first-served basis, with priority given to library faculty/staff in the case of requests received simultaneously.

  1. All instructors must agree to the terms of room use.
  2. The classroom is used exclusively for instruction requiring hands-on computer training.  This includes:
    • Dacus Library orientation and subject related instructional and training sessions for Winthrop University faculty, students and staff.
    • Academic courses requiring no more than five class sessions per semester using an instructional computer lab.
  3. All classes must be scheduled in advance.
  4. Priority for use of the room will be given to:
    • Library instruction and training sessions scheduled two weeks in advance.
    • Academic courses requiring 1-5 class sessions of an instructional computer lab, requested at least two weeks in advance.
    • Other university related requests depending on availability.
  5. Semester-long courses will not be scheduled in the classroom.
  6. Groups not affiliated with Winthrop may not use the classroom.
  7. Students may not reserve the room for instructional purposes or serve as instructors in the classroom, except when the activity for which the room is requested has a faculty sponsor present who accepts responsibility for adhering to the policies and procedures for the use of the room.


To reserve the Library Classroom, contact the Information Literacy Librarian at Dacus Library: Cody Walters 803/323-2311.

Getting Help

If you encounter difficulty with the equipment, ask for assistance at the Reference Desk. Do NOT attempt to fix the equipment yourself.

Room Description

Room 18 has twenty-four computer workstations, an instructor's workstation, and enough additional chairs to accommodate a maximum class size of thirty.


Lost and Found

The library maintains a lost and found box for items left in the building. Inquires for lost and found items may be made at the Information Commons desk. Articles of significant value are held for a short time then taken to Campus Police. 

Meditation Room

Meditation Room Policies

The Meditation Room is available to all WU students, faculty, and staff at the times listed below.  Multiple individuals and groups may use the space at the same time, subject to fire code limitations.  The space cannot be reserved by individual students or student groups for private events or occasions. 

֍   This is NOT a room for conversation, sleeping or napping, and no photography.

֍  No scents, candles, sprays, or any other similar type of “atmosphere” may be used since some are allergic to them.

֍  The room is first come, first served.  It cannot be reserved.

֍  Hours:  Monday –Thursday: 8:00 a.m. -midnight

                   Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

                   Saturday: 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

                   Sunday: 1:00 - midnight

֍  Positively no food or drink in this room.

֍  This is a room for stress reduction.  No cellphones, tablets, etc., are to be used in this room.

֍  Lockers are for temporary use. Do NOT leave belongings in lockers.

֍ If you move furniture or rugs about, please return them to their original locations before leaving. 

Noise Policy, Quiet Areas, Group Study Areas

Dacus Library is committed to maintaining an atmosphere conducive to research and study, while also supporting a range of scholarly activities and study styles.

  • Quiet Areas: The study carrels on the ground floor and on the second floor are reserved for individual study and research; talking and group activities are not permitted in these areas.
  • Group Study Areas (For Winthrop Students only): The main floor group meeting rooms are for use by study groups and class group projects. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They are not to be used for social gatherings. Students are expected to keep conversations at a reasonably low level.
  • Small Study Rooms (For Winthrop Students only)These rooms are located on the second floor along the front and back of the building.  Each room will comfortably accommodate one to two patrons and each room has a computer.  They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They are not to be used for social gatherings. Students are expected to keep conversations at a reasonably low level.
  • Instruction and Service Areas:  The entire main floor and the Government Documents office and service desk on the second floor are patron service points. Though unreasonable noise levels in these areas should be reported to staff at the main desk, these are not quiet areas. Patrons who need a quiet study area will be directed to the second or ground floor quiet areas.
  • Overnight Hours: The main floor can become crowded and noisy during overnight hours. All students are expected to be considerate of each other’s study and project requirements, and work cooperatively to the extent possible. Excessive noise or refusal to work toward an acceptable compromise should be reported to the security guard.
  • Noise problems or other inappropriate behavior should be reported to the staff at the Information Commons during the day, and evening, and to the security guard after midnight. Patrons who refuse to comply with library rules will be asked to leave.

Parking Policy

Library Parking Lot:

  • 26 Faculty/Staff Parking Spaces, reserved from 7 am until 5 pm, marked with garnet lines.
  • 2 Disabled Parking Spaces, marked with blue lines.
  • 2 Library Staff Night/Weekend Spaces, beside the disabled parking spaces, with a Library Staff sign, and marked with garnet lines. Reserved from 12 pm until midnight for night and weekend staff only.
  • 3 Visitor Parking Spaces, with a visitor sign, and marked with garnet lines
  • 26 Student Spaces available from 5 pm until 7 am

Parking Registration:

  • Regular vehicle registration is for one academic year beginning with the first day of registration for the fall semester and ending with the first day of fall registration the following year.
  • Motor vehicles parked on Winthrop property by F/S and students must be registered with Campus Police.
  • All vehicles parked on university property must bear either a regular parking permit or a visitor's permit.
  • Cars with permits parked in visitor spaces will be ticketed.
  • Faculty/Staff may register two vehicles for $30 each.   

Temporary Registration 

  • Temporary parking permits are available 24/7 from Campus Police.
  • Temporary permits will be valid for three days and upon expiration this permit can be extended if necessary. Three temporary permits in an academic year are permitted before a $1 a week fee is assessed.
  • Temporary registration of vehicles is for Faculty/Staff and students who have a current permit and will not be able to utilize the vehicle to which their current permit is affixed.

Visitor Registration

  • Visitor registration for 24 hours or less is free of charge.
  • Visitors remaining on campus overnight and individuals attending conferences and short courses must obtain visitor parking permits at the conference registration area or with Campus Police.   
  • Visitors to Winthrop University that desire to park on university property must obtain a visitor parking permit for a limited time from Campus Police.

Damage to Vehicle:

  • Report any damage to a vehicle to the Campus Police 323-3333 (x3333 if using a campus phone) or report the incident using LiveSafe, a phone app.