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Theatre Research: Search Strategies

Where to Find What:

Not sure how to find hardcopy books and videos, ebooks, streaming online videos, scholarly articles, databases, and more? Here's your brief guide:

Finding books, ebooks, articles, videos, multimedia, and more:

Searching the library catalog by Theatre or Theater is the most general way to start. You'll get a mix of books, films, and other materials from the library catalog. See keyword and subject searches for examples.

Tip: search terms like these are also useful for finding articles and other online resources in the library’s databases.

Example Search Terms for Theatre

  • Paul Robeson - as keyword search picks up every instance where this famous actor's name appears.
  • Robeson, Paul - as subject search results in a list of resources which have a subject field for Paul Robeson. It is a more precise search than a keyword search, and the results are often more specific and in depth.