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Arts Administration (MAAA): Search Strategies

Research Guide spanning areas covered in the entire Master of Art in Arts Administration program from start to thesis.

Where to Find What:

Not sure how to find hardcopy books and videos, ebooks, streaming online videos, scholarly articles, databases, and more? Here's your brief guide:

Art administration concepts: Online catalog search terms

Finding books, ebooks, films, and more:

  • Searching the library catalog by Arts administration is the most general way to start. You'll get a mix of books, films, and other materials from the library catalog. See subject search terms (below) and keyword search terms (to the right) for examples.
    Tip: search terms like these are also useful for finding articles and other online resources in the library’s databases.

Search Terms relating to Art Administration span arts, non-profit management, business skills (including budgeting and marketing), fund-raising, advocacy, and research. Example search terms are here for you to give you ideas for getting started.

Subject Searches for Arts Administration

Subject searches will show you related search terms, to help you drill down to specific topics.

Keyword Searches for Arts Administration

Arts-specific issues for art administrators:

  • Arts administration
  • art* advocacy (use of * asterisk / wildcard brings up art, arts, artist/s, artistic, etc - this gives the search engine more flexibility to find pertinent resources)
  • Art* management (use of * wildcard brings up art, arts, etc and management) - this brings up some useful titles for management by type of arts, including for-profit and non-profit.
  • Art* marketing  (use of * wildcard: this search pulls up art, arts, artist, etc and marketing)
  • also: Art market* (* gives the search more flexibility and results include “market”, “markets”, “marketing”, and other variants of this word)
  • Art* education - (use of * brings up art education and arts education)
  • Art and society
  • Museums

Broader areas relating to art administration:

Related terms from the business world: