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Arts Administration (MAAA): Finding podcasts & streaming videos

Research Guide spanning areas covered in the entire Master of Art in Arts Administration program from start to thesis.

find more streaming videos

Visit Films on Demand database

Keyword searching: enter any appropriate words, for example:

  • art* where the search picks art, arts, etc
  • gallery, galleries
  • art AND community
  • music AND community
  • theatre AND community (or use US spelling "theater")

Subject browsing: choose from drop-down subjects menu or start-up list of topics:

  • Art & Architecture
  • Business & Economics
  • Music & Dance
  • Theatre

Producer browsing: choose from the dropdown list of featured producers, for example:

  • TED: home of the famous TEDtalks
  • PBS: home of documentaries about art and society

finding podcasts: online talks, lectures for arts administration

Podcasts, online streaming videos of lectures, talks, events, or performances useful for Arts Administration are available from Dacus Library's Films on Demand database and arts organizations. To the left are some search tips for Films on Demand; the box below lists several example film segments from Films on Demand; the box to the right lists additional podcast sources and a few titles.

Online videos from Films on Demand - a few for starters:

All Films on Demand streaming videos (and segments within films) can be embedded in presentations.

Art in Culture

  • Art as Mirror for Audience. In the past, art gave hope to audiences. Today art mirrors what people are on the level they are already at. Art is about impulse, whim, and casualness. Audiences are wary of such art, yet it is a mass fascination.
  • Art Practice: Public Art. Public art is important for a city. It provides identity. Several examples of public art are shown and discussed.

Art and Community

Museums and Galleries

  • Museum of Modern Art: Art Display Model. Modern art in the MOMA from 1929 onwards was displayed primarily in chronological order, representing each art movement. Art is displayed on white walls with flexible lighting.
  • National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. A work of art itself, John Russel Pope's National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, invites visitors into the world of art. It brings its art to the level of government as part of American national and cultural life.

more podcasts & sources:

search for more podcasts:

online search tips:

  • make sure your search terms reflect the concept, as above. Other terms:
  • "podcast art advocacy"
  • "podcast art administration" (or "arts")

internet vetting - look for:

  • who created the podcast? Is the source credible?
  • is it for artists, museum, arts organization professionals?
  • is it for professional development or helpful tips for implementation?
  • is it someone's opinion? (if yes, look for something else)