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Company Information: Investment Information

Guide to finding information about companies, their history, strategic direction, reputation, financial soundness, industry profiles & ratios, product information, statistical & demographic information, and a project guide for BADM 180.

investment information & analysis

At Reference

  • Mergent Annual Bond Record. (Ref. HG 4905 .M78) -Annual ratings of over 48,000 individual bonds.
  • Mergent  Dividend Record. (Ref. HG 4905 .M79x) - Issued weekly with periodic cumulations. Provides current information on the dividends of stocks and mutual funds, indicating the amount of the dividend and the date it is paid.
  • Mergent's Handbook of Common Stocks. (Ref. HG 4905 .M815 (print version) - Current 3 years only; Latest edition kept at the Reference Desk) -This is a quarterly publication that provides basic financial information on over 900 companies. The format gives charts, statistics, background, recent developments, and prospects for these companies. (the year 2005 is online through the Business Source Complete
  • Standard and Poor's Stock Reports. (Ref. HG 4905 .S4 - Kept at Reference Desk) -Covers the  New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Stock Market and regional exchanges. Information includes current outlook for the company, important recent developments, business summary, and financial data.
  • database)

Winthrop Databases

  • Morningstar Investment Research Center  (Business online database) - Research on company stocks & bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, market returns by indices, sectors, industries, fund categories, portfolio analysis tools, and analyst reports.
  • Value Line Investment Survey. (Dacus Library Online database) -Provides investment information on major companies and surveys general industries.Online note: If you get a browser security warning, it is safe to ignore - follow the steps to add the security exception - the library's databases are fully vetted and safe to use.
  • Wiley Online Library - also see the business-related subsets: Business & Management, Accounting, Finance & Investment, Economics (helpful resource for business & corporate economics)



  • Yahoo Finance ( ) - Stock Market news and current and historical stock reports.
  • - Stock price charting tool with many choices of indicators for mathematical analysis of stock performance.