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Management: presentation topics - alphabetic listing

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presentation topics

Business Communication Presentation Topics - listed alphabetically:

  • Here are some search terms to get you started in gathering library resources for your presentations -- linked to the library catalog through the simple Quick Search. These search terms are also good choices for databases like Business Source Premier.


The Art of Negotiations – Search terms:

  • negotiat** skill* - the * symbol is a wildcard. ** brings up the stem of the word, plus an infinite number of characters after the stem. Here, the * symbol brings up negotiate, negotiation, negotiating, and other variants on the word "negotiation".
  • business negotiation.

Attitudes and Behaviors that Lead to Success – Search terms:

Channels of Communication and Its Impact on Entry-Level Employees  – Search terms:

Dress and Grooming for Business  – Search terms:

Effective Interpersonal Communications – Search terms:

Emotional Intelligence as a Strategy for Career Success – Search terms:

  • emotional intelligence career* - brings up career, careers, career development, etc
  • emotional intelligence - this brings up resources about emotional intelligence in more general terms. Interpersonal success is important to career success, and most of these search results capture the essence of being a good manager, succeeding at work, etc.

Employment Seeking and Organizational Fit – Search terms:

Employment Seeking Strategies – Search terms:

Ethical and Moral Communications – Search terms:

Hard and Soft Skills

  • search "hard skills" and "soft skills" separately. There are no books on hard skills and a few on soft skills*
  • Hard skills are technical competencies and tangible skills. For example: industry-specific competencies, industry skill*, technical skills, languages, math.
  • Soft skills are cognitive and behavioral skills.For example: analysis, synthesis, interpersonal skills, social skills, etiquette, cultural intelligence, honesty / integrity / ethics.
  • Note: There are few full-length books devoted to hard skills or soft skills, but they are discussed in current articles or included in broader topics covered in books. 
    • *You'll find much better search results in databases: For articles, consult Business Source Complete. For scholarly full-text ebooks, consult ebrary and Ebsco ebook Academic.

The Impact of Culture in Shaping Business Communication  – Search terms:

Netiquette and Technology – Search terms:

Professional Development

Social media for business practices

Social media for employment seeking

Strategies and Techniques for Networking and Building Relationships  – Search terms:

  • networking relationship* - note: "networking" is also a computer and media  term, so search results will include computer networks, social media, and broadcasting networks in addition to relationship networks.
  • networking strateg** - use of ** picks up strategy, strategies, strategic, and other variants.
  • business networking
  • business relationship*
  • networking success*
  • business mentor**
  • (business OR job* OR career*) AND (relationship* OR mentor* OR networking) - note about this search strategy:
    • parentheses keep a concept together.
    • within parentheses, OR gives the search engine some flexibility between several possible search terms.
    • AND between items tells the search engine that concept 1 MUST be linked with concept 2.
      • In this example, the "business/job" concept MUST be linked to networking (or some relationship-oriented synonym. Also note: the computer does NOT "think" of synomyms - we humans must do so. We provide the computer with synonyms by linking together possible alternative words for the same concept using OR. The relationship / mentor* / networking example here illustrates the human intervention needed for suitable synonym-finding).

Strategies for Conducting Effective Business Meetings  – Search terms:

Strategies for Interviewing and Job Readiness  – Search terms:

Technology and Business Communications  – Search terms:


Value Added Employees  – Search terms:


For more information about narrowing the search and other tips, please see the Search Strategies tab.