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Art History: Pre-History Through the Middle Ages: Reference Resources

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Reference Resources

Listed below are peer-reviewed reference books that are available for your use.  Some of these are located on the shelves near the reference desk, others are available online.

1000 Symbols

(Ref. N7740 .S54 2002)


The Atlas of Mysterious Places:  The World's Unexplained Sacred Sites, Symbolic Landscapes, Ancient Cities, and Lost Lands

(Ref. CC175 .A85 1987)


The Book of Signs, Which Contains All Manner of Symbols Used from the Earliest Times to the Middle Ages by Primitive Peoples and Early Christians

(Ref. AZ108 .K62 1955) (also in the General Collection)


Church Symbolism : an Explanation of the More Important Symbols of the Old and New Testament, the Primitive, the Mediaeval, and the Modern Church

(Ref. BV150 .W4 1938a)


Complete Dictionary of Symbols

(Ref. GR931 .C66 2005)


The Continuum Encyclopedia of Animal Symbolism in Art

(Ref. GR705 .W47 2004)


Credo Reference

An online collection of scholarly reference books covering all subject areas.


The Dent Dictionary of Symbols in Christian Art

(Ref. N7825 .S68 1994)


The Dictionary of Art

(Ref. N31 .D5 1996)


Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art

(Ref. N7560 .H34 2008)


Dictionary of Symbolism : Cultural Icons and the Meanings Behind Them

(Ref. AZ108 .B5313 1994)


The Dictionary of Symbols in Western Art

(Ref. N7740 .C29 1995 - Kept at the Reference Desk)


The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs

(Ref. N7346.T5 .B43 1999)


Encyclopedia of World Art

(Ref. N31 .E533)


Facts on File Encyclopedia of Art

(Ref. N31 .F33 2005)


A Handbook of Christian Symbols and Stories of the Saints as Illustrated in Art

(Ref. N7830 .W3)


The Illustrated Book of Signs and Symbols 

(Ref. P99 .B78 1996)


An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols

(Ref. BL603 .C66 1978 - Kept at the Reference Desk)


Oxford Reference Online

Over 100 scholarly reference books published by Oxford University Press.


Shepherd's Glossary of Graphic Signs and Symbols 

(Ref. AZ108 .S53 1971b)


Symbols and Allegories in Art

(Ref. N7740 .B2913 2005)


Symbols and Legends in Western Art; a Museum Guide

(Ref. N7740 .W53 - Kept at the Reference Desk)


Symbols and Rebuses in Chinese Art : Figures, Bugs, Beasts, and Flowers

(Ref. N7340 .F36 2004)


Symbols, Signs & Signets

(Ref. AZ108 .L4)


Symbols, signs and their meaning 

(Ref. CB475 .W48 1960)