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Motion Picture Review and Analysis: Citations

This research guide will help you find websites, databases and print sources on the topic of motion picture reviews and film analyses.

How to Cite Movies

APA Format:

Gary Kurtz (Producer), & Irvin Kershner (Director). (1980). Star Wars V, the Empire Strikes Back [Videotape]. Hollywood, CA: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Here, the main people responsible for the videotape (or DVD) are given, with their roles identified in parentheses after their names. After the title, the format is identified (here, a videotape). The distributor's name and location comprises the last part of the entry.  


MLA Format:

 Star Wars V, the Empire Strikes Back. Dir. Irvin Kershner. With Mark Hammil and Harrison Ford. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 1980.

Begin with the title, which should be underlined, followed by the director's name. Then, include any additional information that you find relevant, such as the names of lead actors. End with the distributor and year, separated by a comma