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Motion Picture Review and Analysis: Reviews vs Analyses

This research guide will help you find websites, databases and print sources on the topic of motion picture reviews and film analyses.

What's the Difference Between a Film Review and Analysis?

Film Review

Film reviews can be found online, in newspapers and general interest periodicals and are generally short in length.  They are intended for a general audience and appear around the time a film is released in theaters.  The intent of a film review is to help determine, whether or not a movie should be seen. Links to film reviews can be found under the "Websites" tab and "Print Sources" tab.

Film Analyses

Film criticism is intended to give more scholarly and lengthy treatment of a film often with regard to other issues such as historical context, theory, or technical analysis.  Critical reviews may appear many years after a film is released and in more scholarly journals. Links to film analyses can be found under the "databases" tab.