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Motion Picture Review and Analysis: Online Resources

This research guide will help you find websites, databases and print sources on the topic of motion picture reviews and film analyses.


This site has lengthy analytical reviews written by author/reviewer Tim Dirks for many of the best movies ever made throughout the history of cinema. The Greatest Films selected do not include foreign films or non-English language films for purposes of specialization and focus. No negative judgment on foreign films is intended.

Reviews include a prominent movie poster, historical background for the film, a summary or synopsis of the film, excerpted dialogue, and critical commentary in order to appreciate the film more fully.

  •  This website is also sponsored by American Movie Classics.
  •  Film reviews can be searched alphabetically, by decade, or by popularity

Film Threat
A film review website dedicated to cult, independent, and alternative films. Film reviews can be searched from most recent to older reviews.

  • Contains interviews and links to upcoming film festivals

The Guardian

Reviews new and old movies through a star-rating system (1 - 5)

  • Can search featured films or movies by title to find reviews
  •  Some movies have more than one review and can be searched by article

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

To find reviews, search movie titles individually. Beneath the movies score (based on a scoring system from 1 - 10) are links to user and critic reviews.

  •  Includes movies, made-for-television movies, and television shows
  •  Includes full cast and crew information                                   

This United Kingdom-based website reviews independent and arthouse films. Users can search films individually by title or search archived reviews by selecting "latest reviews."

  • Kamera also contains interviews and forums.


Movie Review Qurery Engine allows users to search by movie title, actor, director, or a pre-compiled list of titles by category/award nominations.

  • Includes movie trailers and pre-compiled lists of movies

The Metacritic
Through a combination of individual critic and user  scores, metacritic provides access to and summarizes entertainment criticism available online.

  • Reviews movies, television, music, and games

Movie Reviews: NPR

Provides audio reviews from National Public Radio film critics.

  • Browse reviews by date
  •  Users can download reviews

Film reviews conducted by the late Roger Ebert and other critics. Rating system is based on a star system from 0 - 4.

  • Also rates movies by a thumbs up or thumbs down
  • Can search by reviewer, date, star rating, and title
  • Included is a list of movies deemed "great"

Rotten Tomatoes

Averages scores given by its critics to summarize critical reactions of movies.

  • Movies scored by percentages
  • Provides links to reviews appearing in newspapers, magazines, and online.